Customise it. Extend it.

When using FluidBootstrapTheme you are free to extend and to customise it the way you need it. Its simple. Its straight foreward. And when doing it right, you will be on the safest way for updates in the future.

ftbcustomizer - the right way.

Dont touch the "Core"

FedExt offers a great way to change files in extensions using your own Provider-Extension. We created a small example-EXT which can be used to do so.

The aims are:

  • dont change anything in the original EXT. So you will always be able to update to new versions.
  • only copy and edit the files you need to change and leave all others where they are.
  • Extend the original EXT in your own Provider-Extension.

The advantages are:

  • If you only want to change a few files you will only have these in a folder. Instead of copying compete folders it is very clear overall view on changed files.
  • When updating the original EXT you will not loose your files AND you will only have to check this files if they are still compatible to the new version.

Other systems like Magento use this fallback-system since years and working with a lot of templates in diffrent EXT sometimes can be a bit confusing when updating. 

All FedEXT based EXT have this feature out of the box - all other extbase/fluid based extension will need EXT:view for that.

Get more informations about view on Github : FluidTYPO3/view

Get it.

You can find an empty Provider-Extension ready to customise and extend FluidBootstrapTheme on github: ftbcustomiser

Build your own Customiser-Extension

Step 1

Download the Provider-Extension from Github using the following link:

fbtcustomiser master as zip-file

Step 2

Rename the extension to your prefered name:

  • rename the extension folder to yourextensionname (avoid _ in the name)
  • rename all appearances of ftbcustomiser (or tx_ftbcustomiser) to yourextensionname (or tx_yourextensionname) in the following files:
    • yourextension/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt
    • yourextension/Configuration/TypoScript/constants.txt
    • yourextension/ext_emconf.php
  • Change title, description, author, email, company in yourextension/ext_emconf.php

Step 3

For overwriting files from fluidbootstraptheme simply copy the file you want to override from fluidbootstraptheme-directory to the same directory in yourextension (if the directory does not exists yet, create it). Once copied, make your changes. TYPO3 will take a look into your extension and will take all files from there if found or will fallback to the original in fluidbootstraptheme.

For extending fluidbootstraptheme simply add elements or pages to yourextension like it is done in FedExt-Provider-Extensions.

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